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I am based in Glasgow and I am willing to travel to deliver talks from personal experience in adolescent and young adult mental health. For writing or public speaking requests please email

I am a professional in my mid-twenties educated to undergraduate degree level (BSc Hons) and write predominantly on my personal blog about mental health, lifestyle, and travel. I have also written for well-respected external sites such as The Mighty, Mental Health Today, and The Body and Being Network [article pending]. Across social media, I have a combined following of over 7,000 people. My work has been shared by prominent public figures such as author Anna Shinoda and comedian Ricky Gervais.

Brand Collaborations
The feedback from Anagram Interactive working on behalf of Paperless Post left the following feedback in response to my collaboration post:

"...Your post looks amazing, it's perfectly written, you included so much information about [Paperless Post] and managed to do it in such an easy way. I appreciate all the work that you have done, you have outstanding talent and are [a]great professional, I wish all the best to you and your blog!"

Public Speaking - Mental Health
After submission of "Social Media is the Tool..." I was asked to attend a research workshop by the team at the University of Birmingham to be their keynote speaker on social media use and mental health [talk abstract available here].

"Lisa's insightful keynote talk at our social media and mental health workshop was incredible. She encouraged thoughtful discussion amongst attendees whilst powerfully presenting her own ideas and experiences on the subject matter. It provided a clear critical perspective on misconceptions around the use of social media. "  
- Dr Anna Lavis and Dr Rachel Winter , University of Birmingham. 

Writing - Mental Health

Additional Learning
Through the Open University I have also completed the following free courses as part of my continued personal and professional development.

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